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October Miniature

Frederick "Vulcan" Silvers

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Welcome to Cyberstash’s subscription service. Each month we create 1 extremely detailed cyberpunk themed miniature set in our own Cyberpunk city of Chrome Coast.

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In the vibrant Chrome Coast, rising film star Frederick “Vulcan” Silver was a cornerstone of the up-and-coming Old Town Road Studios, well-known for his roles in neo-western films. Looking to boost Vulcan’s stardom, the studio encouraged him to undergo an experimental procedure to integrate a cybernetic arm into his own body, foreseeing a revolution in action cinema.

Unfortunately, the arm, procured from untrustworthy sources, malfunctioned on set due to a critical flaw triggered by heightened heart rates, causing chaos and injuries. Despite Vulcan’s efforts to right the wrongs, even compensating the victims with his own funds, his reputation suffered irrevocably.

Embracing his new path as a determined advocate against dangerous cybernetics, Vulcan delved deep into Chrome Coast’s underworld, using his remaining influence to raise awareness on the issue and to stand against the irresponsible use of technology in a fight many remained ignorant of.


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DM Stash

In under three years, DM Stash has crafted over 400 minis, becoming a well recognised creator in the Fantasy and D&D community. Now, they’re set on replicating this success again in the cyberpunk genre.


Nerikson, a renowned 3D artist, excels in crafting intricately detailed sculpts. His reputation in the miniature scene is built on awe-inspiring work, and he’s eager to infuse that level of detail into Cyberstash.


An old filmstar of yesteryear known for his cyber-cowboy flicks. Vulcan lost everything when his production company forced him to install a Cybernetic Arm to keep up with demanding stunt work, and rebrand his image. The arm malfunctioned, making him loose everything, and now he has heard whispers through the data stream of a new up and coming star about to befall the same fate as him. Believing what happened to him was no accident now, Vulcan needs your help to take bring some good old frontier justice to these crooked producers.

Included with the campaign is:

  • 20 page system agnostic one shot
  • 2x Cyberpunk Battle Maps tied into the campaign story
  • Made for easy adaptation into Cyberpunk RED / 2020 or Shadowrun
  • An into to our original setting of a cyberpunk Australia: The Chrome Coast.
$1/ month
  • 1x Awe-inspiring Cyberpunk themed miniature
  • 32mm & 75mm Variations
  • Pre-supported & Unsupported


$3/ month
  • 1x Awe-inspiring Cyberpunk themed miniature
  • 32mm & 75mm Variations
  • Pre-supported & Unsupported
  • 1x Pre-cut Printable Prop
  • 1x One-Shot System Agnostic Campaign set in the glitzy Chrome Coast
  • 2x Battle Maps