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May Miniature

Jackson “Ace” Styles - Agent for Hire

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Welcome to Cyberstash’s subscription service. Each month we create 1 extremely detailed cyberpunk themed miniature set in our own Cyberpunk city of Chrome Coast.

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Saboteur and spy by trade, Jackson Styles has worked for dozens of megacorps in his years as an expert in corporate espionage. Armed with an incredibly versatile set of skills, “Ace” is coveted by powerful people across the globe, often taking paychecks from both at the same time and playing them against each other. Whenever this happens a price is put on his head, but he always finds a way to elude his would-be killers, and strike back against his former employers.

With cybernetic implants that can completely change his face, voice and be imprinted by the personality of others, he can blend into whatever situation he requires, and fade away like a ghost. His true identity and face are never revealed to any of his employers, and “Ace” is the only term people know him by. Despite his mysterious persona, people find him amiable and charismatic, often why they are so trusting towards him when he is readying to stab them in the back if their opposition has bidded higher.

Ace calls the Chrome Coast his home, using it as a central place of operation, outside the jurisdiction of international courts and laws, where he has a thousand different alleys, drug dens or corporate megablocks to slip into should pursuers dare to follow him. Thus most of his operations begin here, though it’s not uncommon for them to move around the globe.


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DM Stash

In under three years, DM Stash has crafted over 400 minis, becoming a well recognised creator in the Fantasy and D&D community. Now, they’re set on replicating this success again in the cyberpunk genre.


Nerikson, a renowned 3D artist, excels in crafting intricately detailed sculpts. His reputation in the miniature scene is built on awe-inspiring work, and he’s eager to infuse that level of detail into Cyberstash.


A corp is searching for a rogue agent who flew the coup right as he was meant to complete a job for them. It was a matter of corporate espionage, so they need your discretion to find the agent and retrieve the experimental tech he was carrying, whatever the cost. Problem is: the agent is equipped with prototype facemeld technology – he could be anyone at any time. Good luck finding him.

Included with the campaign is:

  • 22 page system agnostic one shot
  • 2x Cyberpunk Battle Maps
  • Made for easy adaptation into Cyberpunk RED / 2020 or Shadowrun
  • An intro to our original setting of a cyberpunk Australia: The Chrome Coast.
$1/ month
  • 1x Awe-inspiring Cyberpunk themed miniature
  • 32mm & 75mm Variations
  • Pre-supported & Unsupported


$3/ month
  • 1x Awe-inspiring Cyberpunk themed miniature
  • 32mm & 75mm Variations
  • Pre-supported & Unsupported
  • 1x Pre-cut Printable Prop
  • 1x One-Shot System Agnostic Campaign set in the glitzy Chrome Coast
  • 2x Battle Maps
$20/ month
  • All Mercenary Tier Content
  • Commercial rights for selling prints of Cyberstash Miniatures
  • Commercial rights for selling printed Props of Cyberstash Miniatures.