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June Miniature

Alice “Wonderland” Hanson - Codebreaker

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ALICE “wonderland” HANSON

Hailing from the Australian capital of Canberra, Alice became a pioneer and explorer of OzNet during its earliest days after the Data Dropout, when she was still only a kid. The Net back in these days was malleable and easily exploitable, and Alice found herself diving into it every night after school, up until the early AM. Though her parents worried for her grades at school, Alice couldn’t care less. She was in a new world now: one written in 1s and 0s, where the money she earned was more than she’d ever make in the corporate rat race.

By the time she was 16 she was known across the Net, sought after for her godlike knowledge of the OzNet and almost every coding language or operating software imaginable. Though she made it big as a coder in her early days, she made it bigger as a codebreaker soon after, earning big coin from megacorps using her to punch through firewalls and create back ends in their competitions servers, and even more coin conducting her own cloak-and-dagger digital heists.

One of these heists forced her out of her home at 18, fleeing to the Chrome Coast to escape the jurisdiction of the East Australian Government. Her bank accounts were frozen, and she was only able to take a handful of physical crypto coins in her panicked state. 2 years later she is still trying to rebuild what she lost as a teenager, and is willing to do anything to get there, even if it means making the same mistakes from her past.


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DM Stash

In under three years, DM Stash has crafted over 400 minis, becoming a well recognised creator in the Fantasy and D&D community. Now, they’re set on replicating this success again in the cyberpunk genre.


Nerikson, a renowned 3D artist, excels in crafting intricately detailed sculpts. His reputation in the miniature scene is built on awe-inspiring work, and he’s eager to infuse that level of detail into Cyberstash.


An infamous NetDiver who went full ghost for two years is now back on the scene, and she’s looking for her biggest score yet. Alice “Wonderland” Hanson has always been shy from high profile stuff, but now she’s looking to jump an East Australian Government rail convoy bound for the Chrome Coast. The rewards are very alluring, but the near-certainty of death might be off putting to those with a weak stomach.

Included with the campaign is:

  • 17 page system agnostic one shot
  • 3x Cyberpunk Battle Maps (with 2 additional variants)
  • Made for easy adaptation into Cyberpunk RED / 2020 or Shadowrun
  • An intro to our original setting of a cyberpunk Australia: The Chrome Coast.
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  • 32mm & 75mm Variations
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  • 2x Battle Maps
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