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February Miniature

Ryo “Narukami” Hirosaki

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Welcome to Cyberstash’s subscription service. Each month we create 1 extremely detailed cyberpunk themed miniature set in our own Cyberpunk city of Chrome Coast.

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A second generation child raised in the hellish streets of the Chrome Coast. Ryo was the child of two hardworking parents who did their best to support him and his brother through school by running dozens of jobs, as well as running their own Japanese restaurant. Though even this was not enough, and soon Ryo’s father turned to more desperate measures, indebting himself to the Kaneda family of Chrome Coast’s Yakuza clan, the Kensei Clan.

Though Ryo’s father would never find a way to pay this back, and was often on the back end of beatings, while Ryo and his younger brother were forced to watch. It was on one such occasion that Ryo could take it no more, offering to pay back his father’s debt by joining the Kaneda Family as a grunt. Though they laughed in his face, the enforcer thought it would be amusing to see a teenage runt on the honour roll thrown in with the dregs of Chrome Coast’s criminal underworld.

But the sharp mind of Ryo proved a valuable tool, and he quickly rose the ranks and paid back his father’s debt. Though now Ryo was deep set in the Yakuza, the only way he could leave was in death. The boy became a ruthless enforcer, though always kept a code to spare those he could from unnecessary death. As keeping his code became more difficult, Ryo found himself replacing his organic arms for chrome ones, allowing him to quickly disable or maim his enemies, without killing them. Though he’s done his best to keep to his code, there is of course the odd time that more blood is spilled than he bargained for.

Now he’s one of the top lieutenants of the Kaneda family, having earned the name Narukami for his fists that move as quick as lightning, and unleash a thunderous snap with each hit they make against his foes. His reputation has led him to be feared, and deeply respected, though most know him as an honourable man.


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DM Stash

In under three years, DM Stash has crafted over 400 minis, becoming a well recognised creator in the Fantasy and D&D community. Now, they’re set on replicating this success again in the cyberpunk genre.


Nerikson, a renowned 3D artist, excels in crafting intricately detailed sculpts. His reputation in the miniature scene is built on awe-inspiring work, and he’s eager to infuse that level of detail into Cyberstash.


A Yakuza Lietuenant with a price on his head on his head has fled into the redlight district of Chevron Isle in the Chrome Coast’s nightlife hub. His pursuers have trashed your local watering hole looking for him, so out of spite your friendly barkeep has organised you to go find him, and help him instead. Promises of a big reward wait for you, but you’ll have to wade through a river of enemies to get it.

Included with the campaign is:

  • 20 page system agnostic one shot
  • 2x Cyberpunk Battle Maps tied into the campaign story
  • Made for easy adaptation into Cyberpunk RED / 2020 or Shadowrun
  • An into to our original setting of a cyberpunk Australia: The Chrome Coast.
$1/ month
  • 1x Awe-inspiring Cyberpunk themed miniature
  • 32mm & 75mm Variations
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  • 1x Awe-inspiring Cyberpunk themed miniature
  • 32mm & 75mm Variations
  • Pre-supported & Unsupported
  • 1x Pre-cut Printable Prop
  • 1x One-Shot System Agnostic Campaign set in the glitzy Chrome Coast
  • 2x Battle Maps