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April Miniature

Esen “Boodog” Darva - Freelance Gunner

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ESEN “boodog” DARVA

Raised on one of the dozens of Mongolian flotilla cities that dot the Pacific. When Esen was still a teenager when his home was compromised, annexed by a Pacific Conglomerate giga-corp who overtook the flotilla and began conscripting its inhabitants into their workforce, all under the guise of providing “foreign aid.” Esen’s parents were sent away, and he and his sister fled alongside a handful of others on a small vessel with barely enough food or fuel to take them to the Chrome Coast.

It was there that Boodog first found work running basic security for Old Town Road Productions, keeping gronks away from sets and studios or providing personal protection to the megacorp-owned movie stars. He didn’t love the work, but he loved his younger sister, and it was his only way to keep a roof over their heads and pay her way through school and university. Eventually he found himself disillusioned with what he was doing, being a babysitter to overpaid and overconfident “people” who treated him like he wasn’t the only thing standing between them and a rabid fan who wants to wear their synth-skin. So he moved on, finding a place in the Chrome Coast Police Services soon after they were acquired by ePower Enterprises. His first order of business was in an anti-gang task force focusing on thinning out the numbers and drug production of the LED-head and Prep Squad gangs.

The work was dangerous but exhilarating, and Esen quickly earned a reputation for being outstanding at his job and given his own squad. His unit earned the nickname the “Boodog Boys” and Esen as Boodog, named after a Mongolian dish. This came from an incident where they lit up a LED-head hideout’s wiring during a routine cleanout, burning the entire chapter of goons alive. But the more Boodog fell into this dark side of the police force, the further his superiors drove him into committing heinous acts in the name of “justice.”

When Boodog realised what was happening, he handed in his badge, and the unwavering loyalty of his unit saw them all do the same. They started their own small merc company soon after, retaining their unit name of the Boodog Boys, providing affordable protection to execs or merchant convoys needing escorts through the Chrome Coast, or into the hellish Bushlands of Australia, far from the security of the Coast.


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DM Stash

In under three years, DM Stash has crafted over 400 minis, becoming a well recognised creator in the Fantasy and D&D community. Now, they’re set on replicating this success again in the cyberpunk genre.


Nerikson, a renowned 3D artist, excels in crafting intricately detailed sculpts. His reputation in the miniature scene is built on awe-inspiring work, and he’s eager to infuse that level of detail into Cyberstash.


A Corpo Exec hires the crew after a price is put on her head. She needs you to whack her assassin and their employer, before she gets whacked herself. But things seem devious about this fiery-haired rose – but if the pay is good, why ask questions? It’s up to you about if you keep your nose to the ground, or see if you can squeeze a few extra bucks out of your damsel in distress.

Included with the campaign is:

  • 20 page system agnostic one shot
  • 2x Cyberpunk Battle Maps tied into the campaign story
  • Made for easy adaptation into Cyberpunk RED / 2020 or Shadowrun
  • An into to our original setting of a cyberpunk Australia: The Chrome Coast.
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  • 2x Battle Maps
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